Winter Con 2! Feb. 12th – 13th

Hey folks! I’ll be signing at Winter Con 2 over at the Comic Vault on February 13th from 10AM-12PM.

Winter Con 2 is going to be a blast!

Feb. 12th – 13th
20 Plus Creators over 2 Days
Free Admission!

Gift Bags for the first 50 customers!
35% off everything (Saturday and Sunday)
All back issues will be a $1 (Saturday only)
All back issues will be 50 cents (Sunday only)
Raffle prizes through out both days.

Read more to see the full schedule!

Saturday, Feb. 12 12-2pm

Don Kramer – Wonder Woman

Dave Losso – The Great Sandwich Detective

Brian J. Crowley – Hamster Rage

Gordon McAlpin – Mutiplex


Don Kramer – Wonder Woman

Tony Akins – Jack of Fables

Elliot R. Serrano – Red Eye “Geek To Me,” Ash Saves Obama

Jim Terry – Lie Down Low

Michael Gallinari – Under Red Sky


Jose Mesarina – The Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man

Onrie Kompan – Yi Soon Shin

Nikola Jajic – Loosely Based, The Big Bad Book

Mike Norton – Young Justice, Green Arrow


Christian Alamy – Green Lantern, Final Crisis

Sunday, Feb. 13 10-12pm

Tom Stillwell – Toy Boy

Zoran Gvojic – Mystery AFoot

Max Bare – Mystery AFoot


Steve Seeley – Hack/Slash

Michael Moreci – Hack/Slash

Jenny Frison – Angel, Spike


Chris Burnham – Batman Inc. Batman & Robin, Amory Wars

Robert Rodi – Astonishing Thor

Ryan Browne – God Hates Astronauts

Josh Elder - Reading with Pictures


Menton J. Matthews III – Silent Hill: Past Life

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